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Our Story

Our founder, Andrew Kunz, witnessed a particularly memorable “comedy of errors” meeting during a large training session. The trainer could not share his presentation material. The projector failed and he did not have access to the corporate network. It took fifteen painful minutes for the guy to share his content on everyone’s laptops. Everyone’s thinking, “It should not be this hard!” We agreed, and ZipSocket began.

What Makes Us Different

We've all had frustrating experiences at the start of a meeting: ten minutes of plugging in, logging in, starting, restarting... debugging while everyone waits. At ZipSocket, we are working to change all that.

With modern computing, it is possible for our devices to know more about the world around us. And with that knowledge, our devices should be able to do more for us. The ZipSocket service picks up on these signals around you, starting with the sounds of voice - the unique conversation in your meeting. It matches audio signatures from all the devices in the meeting, and connects them instantly. If we can hear you, we can connect you.

The Team

Photo of Andrew Kunz

Andrew Kunz


Andrew loves to build stuff that is beautiful and easy to use. He’s happy when he sinks his teeth into a good artistic or technical challenge, and has worked through many of them in visual effects, animation and consumer software.

In his free time, he’s out in the world. You’ll find him mountain biking at Skeggs, windsurfing in Hood River and hiking all over.

Photo of Jenny Rice

Jenny Rice

Product Manager

Jenny is two parts organized, one part creative and one part silly. She has applied her skills as a technical product manager and program manager for large financial firms and small startups.

On the weekends you can find Jenny hiking up a mountain, anchored in a remote cove or hitting the slopes (and once in awhile, a branch).

Photo of Walter Hsiao

Walter Hsiao

Senior Software Engineer

Walter works on the parts you see, making sure all the pixels are put in place and behaving.

When he leaves the virtual world, he's torn between replacing everything around him with 3d printed substitutes, exploring the rest of high Sierra, and playing in the ocean.