Share your screen while on the phone or in the same room. One click and your conversation connects you in seconds.

(Uses microphone to connect)

Collaborate in 3 Simple Steps

1. Call

Call your client on a speakerphone.

2. Click Connect

Both of you go to and connect.

3. Start Talking

ZipSocket connects by matching the sound of your voice.

Try ZipSocket before using it in a real meeting

Wwomon on the phone using ZipSocket to share real estate listing

Make Phone Calls More Productive

Phone calls are more effective when everyone sees exactly what you see on your screen:

Share anything you have open on your device in real-time:

  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • Websites
Picture of a speakerphone

Voice Connects You

The power of your voice connects you. How it works:

  • ZipSocket uses audio from everyone’s microphone.
  • In 5-10 seconds of hearing the same conversation you are connected.

Try it out. Users say, “It feels like magic.”

(Uses microphone to connect)

Don’t have a microphone? Use the backup connection code.

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Photo of a team working together on their laptops

Spontaneous Collaboration

Need to collaborate on the fly while in a meeting? With ZipSocket you can connect and share in seconds:

  • No software downloads
  • No need to email links to meetings or drives
  • No accounts required

Who Needs ZipSocket

photo of a team working together
Teams: Collaborate in person or over the phone.
photo of a sales person on a call
Salespeople: Share material without emails or long links.
photo of a teacher working with a student
Teachers: Quickly get students on the same web page.
photo of a presentation in a conference room
Trainers and consultants: On-site presentations without corporate network access.